The Fox
The Fox certainly wasnít born with a silver spoon. As a pup, there were rough times; but, big dreams. A career in the movies didnít last long. A part in The Fox and the Hound didnít pan out when it was found out what happens to the fox at the end of the movie. The Fox also tried to get a part in the movie Dances with Wolves, until it was discovered that it involved no dancing, and no wolves.

The Fox began a career in the WNBA on May 25, 2003, and has been entertaining at every Silver Stars home game since then. The Foxís rookie year stats include averaging 2 hand walks per game, 4.2 dances per game, and 6.4 falls per game. But, with lots of hard work and training, The Fox wants to get that number up to 7 or 8 falls per game.

Until then, you can see The Fox at the Starsí home games, and appearing around town at various events. You can even book The Fox at your next event by filling out an appearance request form.

Birthplace: FairFox, VA
High School: Fox Tech
College: USF (University of Silver Foxes)
Height: 3.45 tails tall
Weight: Before or After Dinner?
Position: Center of Attention
Career Highlights:
Voted Most Likely To Cough up a Hairball
Won the MVP award in college (Most Valuable Paws)
Only mascot in the WNBA to dribble a basketball and saliva at the same time
First mascot in the WNBA to shoot both a behind the back basket, and silly string in one game
Holds the WNBA record for most t-shirts launched in one timeout