San Antonio Stars Spotlight on Non-Profit

The Bexar County Veterans Service Office (VSO) is an advocate agency established to assist Veterans and their dependents to obtain federal and state benefits earned through service to our country. The County Veterans Service Office also collaborates governmental and non-governmental service agencies to assist Veterans and their families in obtaining needed specialized services.

To contact the Bexar County Veterans Service Office call 210-335-6738 or email us at

Assistance for Qualified Undergraduate Athletic Students is dedicated to helping the youths that have proven themselves academically, are involved in their high school and community activities and have the passion to play their sport at the next level.

The organization, Assistance for Qualified Undergraduate Athletic Students (AQUAS, Inc.) is dedicated to identifying high school athletes that are excelling in their academic pursuits yet may not be recognized by college coaches. AQUAS intends to provide the funds to professionally distribute information on those students selected, to college coaches throughout the United States. In addition, personal guidance will be provided to each student regarding the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA systems and the steps necessary in the selection process to maximize their eligibility for athletic/academic scholarships. To learn more about AQUAS or apply visit their website at

Fatherhood Matters is dedicated and determined to make a difference in the lives of children by educating fathers. Our organization meets with fathers in various settings, provides fathers with counseling, as well as legal services; helping fathers to understand and exercise their paternal rights. Fatherhood Matters, Inc. also assists fathers with paternity testing for those with affiliation concerns.

The CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Mobile Mammography Program began June 16, 2005 and to date, nearly 6,600 women have been examined. When breast cancer is found very early, it can almost always be treated successfully. The goal of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Mobile Mammography Program is to assure that all women have access to mammograms, which are the best means of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stage.

Tha1Radio is an internet based radio station with the best Neo-Soul and R&B with a touch of Hip Hop, Reggae, Old School and Jazz. Our main goal is to provide a radio station with back to back jams, giving an outlet for community programs, and small businesses to advertise and give our listeners well-rounded entertainment and events within our surrounding areas. Tha1Radio personalities and staff are very active in their community giving back with their time and resources. To learn more about Tha1Radio visit their website at

Girls on the Run inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Girls on the Run inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. It’s a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable.

Meeting twice a week in small teams of 8-20 girls, we teach life skills through fun, engaging lessons that celebrate the joy of movement. The 20-lesson curriculum is taught by certified Girls on the Run® coaches and includes three parts: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and understanding how we connect with and shape the world at large. Over the course of the program, girls will develop and improve competence, feel confidence in who they are, develop strength of character, respond to others and oneself with care and compassion, create positive connections with peers and adults, and make a meaningful contribution to community and society.

For more information check out the website:

The San Antonio Youth Commission invites many students from across the city to the annual Youth Summit so they can contribute valuable insights and ideas while they learn from their peers. Students attending the Summit will focus on the future of San Antonio and the role that both youth and policy makers should have to ensure success today and in the future. As a part of this, students will consider the many economic, social, and political factors that contribute to some of the issues in our city, such as the high school dropout rate, laws effecting students, social media, teen pregnancy & more. The Summit will offer young adults from across the state the opportunity to discuss the important issues in their communities with their peers and with their elected community leaders. Students will enjoy a “Future Fair” featuring booths for colleges, companies, camps, volunteer opportunities, and city departments that serve youth. There will be no cost to the school or student for the event.