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A Food Blog by Alana Beard

So being that I am an insane "foodie" I decided to keep a blog of all my food and restaurant experiences. I am starting my third season with the Sparks and want to make sure I cover as much ground as possible when it comes to food. The area of Los Angeles has so much to offer, but sometimes I get stuck into routine by going back to the places I love...I decided to change that.

Over the off season I created a list of my 'must try' restaurants. Below is a picture blog, along with a brief description of my experience. I cannot begin to explain how excited I get about food.

Hope you enjoy!!!

June 26 - Malibu Farm

The Farm is located at the Malibu pier. About a 10 minute ride down the beautiful PCH (pacific coast highway). It was truly a relaxing feel and view despite the overcast. If you get a chance to take that PCH drive...do it!

My kind of place! The sign says it all...fresh, organic and local!

Not a very big menu but everything I had was absolutely delicious! All things big aren't all good:-)!

Great atmosphere with several communal tables and a "do it yourself" order and serving process. Very cool and chill spot!

I decided to take the multi-grain pancakes, egg scramble with salmon, the yogurt/granola and last but definitely not least, my non fat latte! That's a must!

***As much as I would've loved to devour every single dish, I had a little help:-)! You can't enjoy a nice meal without a little company.


Thank You