Pokeys NBA Comparisons

As a WNBA coach, Pokey Chatman spends a lot of time during the offseason watching NBA basketball. While she’s watching the games, she looks for new ideas that she can use on the court during the season, and she also pays attention to the similarities between NBA players and the Sky’s players. While some players are harder to compare than others, Chatman has found clear counterparts for several of the Sky’s biggest stars. Here’s who she thinks her players are most like:

Elena Delle Donne = Kevin Durant

“I’ll start with Elena. You know, a lot of people would think Dirk Nowitzki, 7-footer that also has perimeter skill, but I kind of liken her to KD just because she handles the ball, she can start the break, finish the break, play positions 1 through 5 and she’s also gotten the depth at defending several of those positions.”

Allie Quigley = Steph Curry

“I think Allie’s ability to shoot the basketball reminds me of Steph Curry. And just like this year, we had to play her at the point guard, so we had that 2-guard mentality running the point and it really just opened things up for us.”

Courtney Vandersloot = Steve Nash + Chris Paul + Goran Dragic

“When she first got here, I put together some NBA edit video and I used a lot of Steve Nash, I used Chris Paul, and I used Goran Dragic. And those are some of the players because I thought and I still think that Courtney Vandersloot can score the basketball more. She just would forget about herself, so we started with Nash and then Paul and just kind of graduated to some players that can score the basketball a little bit and that nature.”

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