Welcome to Coach’s Corner hosted by Sky Head Coach & GM Pokey Chatman. Coach Chatman will share her thoughts & philosophies on a variety of different basketball skills and concepts and give real life examples as she explains her teaching points & focus for each skill or concept.

Foul Shot
• Take your time, deep breath
• Line your feet and elbow up straight to the basket
• Don’t have extra movement…have a simple foul shouting routine which is easy to practice
• Stay on the line all the way through your shot, and follow through
Pick and Roll
• Ball handler WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! and set your defender up the opposite way the screen is coming
• Screener, sprint into the screen and set yourself. Too many times the screener sticks her hip out to try and get a piece of the ball handler’s defender. Your job as the screener is to create an obstacle, it is the ball handler’s job to use you correctly.
• The first and most important part to rebounding the basketball as a team is each player must find and make contact with the person they are guarding.
• Basketball is a game of leverage. There is a saying which states, “The low man wins.” This is so true…On the box out, get lower than the offender, get your butt into them, and use your elbows to shield them off and feel which way they are going
Triple Threat
• Being a good basketball player is all about being dynamic. You don’t want to be predictable. You want to keep as many options open as possible, at each moment, because the game is so fluid and anything can happen at any moment. • This is why we tell our players to catch the ball in a “triple threat” stance. The triple threat is the shot, the drive, and the pass.

Catch & Shoot
• The shot is made before the shooter even catches the basketball. The best shooters do their work early, and set themselves up nicely for success. • A good shot is made by a good pass. The pass must be on time, and on target, so that it makes the shooters job easier. On the catch, the shooter must be low, have her eyes up, and hands up. We call this being “shot ready.”
On the Ball Defense
• Defense is made up of one on the ball defender, and four help defenders. Today, we will focus on the on the ball defender. To be a good on the ball defender, you have to be solid. The best defenders don’t always lead the league in steals, but they cover well, and are persistent...

Off the Ball Defense
• Defense is made up of one on the ball defender, and four help defenders. Today, we will focus on the four off the ball defender. To be a good off the ball defender, you have to have vision. The best “help” defenders, always see what is happening with the ball, and anticipate the next move...